Biolector and Robolector automated fermentation and sampling platform

Biolector and Robolector automated fermentation and sampling platform


The Biolector is a microbioreactor for high-throughput fermentations with the online monitoring of biomass, pH, DO, and fluorescence. The RoboLector combines the high-throughput fermentation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector with the precise and accurate liquid handling of a robotic system. The RoboLector autonomously prepares media compositions, among others, from the design of experiments (DoE) tests, followed by an online-monitored high-throughput fermentation. This combination of Robolector and Biolector provides the capability to automatically do fermentations and sampling, ensuring repeatability and data quality. The constraint on these equipment is on the Biolector, which is limited to 48 fermentations at a single time. These, in turn, enable predictive quantitative modeling of biological processes. Available internally to ABF researchers, as well as to ABF CRADA projects.

References and Additional Information: 

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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