A flow chart of the roles in the Agile BioFoundry. The BETO Technology Manager, Gayle Bentley, is on the top of the chart. The next row includes the Executive Committee, which flows down to Task 6: Project Management and Integration, which includes Blake Simmons, Alastair Robinson, and James Gardner. To the right is the higher-level Industry Advisory Board, which leads down to Task 5: industry engagement and outreach, which includes Chris Johnson, Phil Laible, and Emily Nelson. The next row includes four tasks; they include: Task 1: DBTL, Nathan Hillson; Task 2: Integrated Analysis, Bruno Klein, Thathiana Benavides; Task 3: Host Onboarding and Development, Taraka Dale, Adam Guss; and Task 4: Process Integration and Scaling, Violeta Sanchez I Nogue, Deepti Tanjore. The next row below includes 2 tasks: Task 1A: Infrastructure, Nathan Hillson; and Task 1B: Demonstration Projects and Strategic Beachheads, Gregg Beckham, John Gladden, Jon Magnuson. The final row includes four sub tasks. They are Subtask 1A.1: Design, Nathan Hillson; Subtask 1A.2: Build, Nathan Hillson; Subtask 1A.3: Test; Kristin Burnum-Johnson, and Subtask 1A.4: Learn, Phil Laible, Hector Garcia-Martin.

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