Uniting world-class national laboratory facilities through a Design-Build-Test-Learn platform

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Develop bioprocesses for your desired target molecules, as well as the necessary tools to build out pathways in a host organism.

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Transform Design concepts and specifications into physical engineered microbial host organisms, ready to be Tested.

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Understand how an engineered pathway behaves in your host organism and measure performance.

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Use various methods to translate your experimental data into predictions for the design of future pathways and processes.

Translate your technology to industry scale

Our multiple scales of integrated bioreactor cultivation equipment resolve the disparity between lab and commercially relevant scales of biomanufacturing.

Improve economic feasibility and minimize environmental impact

Techno-economic and life-cycle analyses help you better understand your technology.

Unlock the potential of non-model microbes

Non-model microbes offer desirable phenotypes, but lack foundational datasets and genetic tools required for rational strain development.

We specialize in rapidly developing tools and datasets to enable and enhance Design-Build-Test-Learn cycles for rational strain improvement.

Leverage our capabilities for your project.