Optimize DNA constructs and libraries


Transform into various hosts


Measure performance


Turn data into predictions


We develop bioprocesses for your desired target molecules, as well as the necessary tools to build out pathways in a host organism.

Our Design capabilities:


Our build capabilities include host organism selection for the production of target molecules, methods for biochemical pathway engineering, and genetic transformation to introduce genetic constructs into host organisms for pathway expression.

Our Build capabilities:


We translate your experimental data into predictions for the design of future pathways and processes.

Our Learn capabilities:

a cross flow membrane filter in the Pilot Plant of the IBRF at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO


Scale-up is critical for translating your technology to an industrial setting.

We incorporate downstream processing steps to identify problems and to provide data for techno-economic and life cycle analyses.

Our Scale-Up capabilities:

Host Onboarding

Organism selection is a key step in designing a bioprocess.

Our host selection covers a wide range of product spaces through a diverse slate of organisms that could eventually be widely used in industry, or organisms that are already in use but could be improved.

Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Analyses

Our analyses identify how to improve economic feasibility and minimize environmental impact.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities are available for your project.

From computer-assisted biological pathway design to process scale-up, our capabilities are available to researchers in the public and private sectors.

We serve as a resource for data, software tools and more.

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