Our Collaborations

Analytical Workflow Accelerates Biomanufacturing Research

with Agilent Research Laboratories

The teams created a workflow that provides a faster and more powerful way to process data, accelerating the Design-Build-Test-Learn framework.

A Bright Idea for Plastic Upcycling

with University of Georgia

The work lays the foundation for a more sustainable future for terephthalic acid, a widely-used commodity chemical.

“I wouldn’t be able to develop a bioproduct on my own, but what I can do is talk to other scientists who have the skills and resources necessary to do this work that has both scientific merit and biotechnology applications.”

Ellen Neidle, University of Georgia

Scaling up Sustainable Bioproducts

with Lygos

The collaboration enabled a 20-fold increase in production of a bio-based chemical compound with applications in flavorings, solvents, and even plexiglass.

Machine Learning Opens New Doors in Bioproduct Development

with Lygos

The work provided Lygos with actionable recommendations to increase strain performance.

Producing High-Value Chemicals from Renewable Sources

with Visolis

The teams developed a system that could produce promising amounts of Visolis’ platform molecule.

“Through this partnership, we were able to access these resources without having to build them from scratch in-house.”

Deepak Dugar, Visolis

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