Scale Up

Integrating industrially relevant production microbes 

Fermentation in bioreactors offer environments that are substantially different from shake flask environments.

At the Agile BioFoundry, we resolve this disparity between lab and commercially relevant scales of biomanufacturing. Once optimized at the bioreactor level, we conduct fermentations to generate the culture needed to optimize downstream recovery and purification operations.

We have multiple scales of integrated bioreactor cultivation equipment that help you better understand your technology.

Available equipment: 

  • 12 X 250 mL fully automated Ambr system
  • 2 X 250 mL my-Control Applikon
  • 36 X 500 mL BioStat-Q Plus Sartorius
  • 4 X 2L Sartorius
  • 6 X 3L single-wall Applikon
  • 5 X 10L 320 BioFlo Eppendorf
  • 1 X 50L ABEC, 2 X 300L ABEC
  • 1 X 30L, 2 X 160L, 2 X 1450L, 4 X 9000L
  • In-line and off-line real-time measurements: pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, off-gas concentrations – O2, CO2, etc., glucose, optical density, and micronutrients (Mg, Zn, N, etc.)

We can help generate industrially relevant production microbes by using advanced tools for biological engineering and data analysis, and developing robust, scaled-up processes for integrated biomanufacturing.

See our available equipment at Berkeley Lab and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, as well as our fungal bioprocess development capabilities and our microbioreactor systems and sampling platform.