ABF Staff

Gregg T. Beckham
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
John Gladden
Sandia National Laboratory
Jon Magnuson
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Katy Christiansen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Adam Guss
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Babetta L. Marrone
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Taraka Dale
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nathan Hillson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Todd R. Pray
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dayna Daubaras
Idaho National Laboratory
Phil Laible
Argonne National Laboratory
Blake Simmons
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Agile BioFoundry (ABF) consortium Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of experts from industry and other entities in synthetic biology, biomanufacturing, industrial biotechnology, and related fields. The purpose of the IAB is to:

  • Assist the ABF consortium in maintaining an industry-relevant focus to current and future research and development activities;
  • Contribute knowledge of recent (non-proprietary) technology advances and challenges that may impact ABF research directions and decisions; and
  • Advise the ABF on effective industry stakeholder engagement strategies and public outreach efforts.

The IAB provides feedback on recent progress, advises the ABF on prioritization of research projects, raises issues of concern, and informs development of the ABF’s strategy for future years. The IAB meets with the ABF management team quarterly.