Taraka Dale

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Taraka Dale is a Scientist and Principal Investigator in Bioscience Division at LANL. She is a biochemist, with expertise in the design and development of mid- to high throughput assays for applications ranging from nucleic acid:protein interactions to exploring algae and other microorganisms as platforms for making cost effective biofuels and bioproducts. In algae, Dr. Dale’s team is improving the productivity and environmental tolerance of microalgae strains, with an effort towards translating these results to outdoor cultivation. Within the Agile BioFoundry, Dr. Dale is the Strategic Implementation lead.

Projects in the Agile BioFoundry

  • Strategic Implementation Lead

Featured Publications

Pandey N, Davison S, Krishnamurthy M, Trettel D, Lo C, Starkenburg S, Wozniak, K, Kern T, Reardon S, Unkefer C, Hennelly S, Dale T*. Precise genomic riboregulator control of metabolic flux in microbial systems. ACS Synthetic Biology. (*corresp. author)

Pardo I, Jha RK, Bermel RE, Bratti F, Gaddis M, McIntyre E, Michener W, Neidle EL, Dale T, Beckham GT, Johnson CW (2020). Gene amplification, laboratory evolution, and biosensor screening reveal MucK as a terephthalic acid transporter in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1. Metabolic Engineering, 62, 260-74.

Bentley GJ, Narayanan N, Jha RK, Salvachúa D, Elmore JR, Peabody GL, Black BA, De Capite A, Michener WE, Werner AZ, Klingeman DM, Schindel HS, Nelson R, Foust L, Guss AM, Dale T, Johnson CW, Beckham GT (2020). Engineering glucose metabolism for enhanced muconic acid production in Pseudomonas putida KT2440. Metabolic Engineering, 59, 64-75.

Jha RK*, Narayanan N, Pandey N, Bingen JM, Kern TL, Johnson CJ, Straus CEM, Beckham GT, Hennelly SP, Dale T* (2019). Sensor-enabled alleviation of product inhibition in chorismate pyruvate-lyase. ACS Synthetic Biology, 8, 4, 775-786. (*corresp. authors)

Jha RK*, Bingen JM, Johnson CW, Kern TL, Khanna P, Trettel DS, Straus CEM, Beckham GT, Dale T* (2018). A protocatechuate biosensor for Pseudomonas putida KT2440 via promoter and protein evolution. Metabolic Engineering Communications, 6, 33-38. (*corresp. authors)

Krishnamurthy M, Hennelly SP, Dale T, Starkenburg SR, Marti-Arbona R, Fox DT, Twary SN, Sanbonmatsu KY, Unkefer CJ (2015). Tunable riboregulator switches for post- transcriptional control of gene expression. ACS Synthetic Biology 4(12), 1326-1334.