Metabolic Map

One way the Agile BioFoundry (ABF) can reduce the time to market for bio-based products is by establishing metabolic engineering strategies to produce a broad slate of exemplary products.

These strategies can then be leveraged to produce similar products associated with the same key metabolic intermediate, or beachhead molecule.

Think of the ABF as a subway system, a beachhead as a subway stop, an ABF exemplary target as a nearby place of interest and your target of interest as another nearby place. Just as the fare and energy required to get there are likely to be similar, we are also developing techno-economic and life cycle analyses for exemplary targets that can similarly be adapted to related products. 

This metabolic map is a compilation of metabolic pathways to convert biomass-derived polysaccharides to industrial chemicals. Potential beachheads are highlighted in gray, beachheads the ABF is currently working on are in green, and ABF target molecules are in blue.

Want to know more about how we can get you close to where you want to go? Let us know.

Click the image above to view a full-size version of the map.