We help you understand how an engineered pathway behaves in your host organism.

Process optimization and strain screening ↗

Our cultivation systems provide useful information prior to scaling up cultivations in bioreactors.

Precise control of gene expression ↗

Riboregulators allow for the creation of gene pathways tuned to improve growth and productivity of engineered strains. 

High throughput screening ↗

We deploy an array of platforms that can survey libraries of engineered strains with altered levels of protein abundance and/or function.

Biosensors ↗

Our team has engineered responsive elements that result in a signal (often a fluorescent one) that indicate the amount of a metabolite both non-invasively and in real time.

Experiment Data Depot ↗

This online tool allows us to learn from data and guide the metabolic engineering process in a systematic fashion.

Acquire structural information of metabolites ↗

By rapidly quantifying metabolite levels in engineered microbes, we can reduce DBTL cycle times.  

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