DIVA bioCAD is a software platform that enables researchers to visually design (combinatorial libraries of) DNA for downstream construction — either by the DIVA DNA construction service, or by themselves or others.

Diva logo

Researchers can also use the DIVA software to track the construction progress of their designs. DIVA integrates with ICE, BOOST, j5, and BLiSS software (for example), which add value and capabilities to both design and build processes.

Our collaborators can use DIVA to specify the DNA they would like the Agile BioFoundry (ABF) to construct and sequence validate as part of their collaborative projects, and track the ABF’s construction of their designs.

The DIVA software enables a division of labor, so that those designing DNA can be distinct from those building the DNA. The platform itself in a sense is a de facto standardization process, in that all designs (independent of designer or content) are specified in the same way, which enables the aggregation of many designs so that they can be pooled and built together using automated workflows.

A screenshot of the DIVA platform.

Integration with other software (e.g. ICE, BOOST, j5, and BLiSS) reduces time and errors when pursuing the process from design through biosecurity screening, DNA assembly protocol design, eventual sequence validation, and microbial host organism archival.

DIVA bioCAD bridges the Design and Build portions of the ABF’s engineering biology cycle, facilitates collaborative DNA design with external collaborators, and increases operational efficiencies.