New NSF, Agile BioFoundry Funding Opportunity

To help advance the U.S. bioeconomy, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office invite proposals from researchers at institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations (eligible PIs). The proposals must leverage the unique Design-Build-Test-Learn capabilities available at the Agile BioFoundry to translate the latest advances in synthetic biology and engineering biology basic research into testable prototype processes and products that are potentially scalable and manufacturable and can be appropriately validated.

The Agile BioFoundry welcomes your interest and invites you to a 30-minute coordination call to help prepare scope and capabilities documents per this NSF solicitation. Please schedule your discussion here.

Submit your Scope and Capabilities usage descriptions by March 18th, 2022 to

Per the requirements outlined within the NSF 22-549 solicitation‚Ķproposers must submit to the ABF a description of the scope of the project along with the expected ABF facilities that will be used in the project. The project scope, in no more than 2 pages, must outline the aims of the project the expected outcomes and the alignment of the project with NSF and DOE BETO priorities highlighted in this solicitation. There should also be included a detailed listing of the ABF capabilities that will be used during the course of the project with some description of how those capabilities contribute to the project. This section can be an additional 3 pages. Investigators are advised to consult with ABF early in their proposal planning process. Each proposer must thereby submit to, their scope document and their capabilities document, no later than 5:00 PM, in their respective time zone, on March 18th, 2022.