Agile BioFoundry to Participate in Global Biofoundries Alliance Webinar Series

Please join us for the first Global Biofoundries Alliance webinar of 2021, featuring Agile BioFoundry data scientist Tijana Radivojevic, on Jan 27, 2021 at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

This webinar is open to the public. Register in advance here.

A recording of the webinar will be made publicly available after the event for those unable to attend.

The Agile BioFoundry is a member of the Global Biofoundries Alliance, a community collective of publicly funded biofoundries across the world.


Tijana Radivojevic

Data Scientist
DOE Agile BioFoundry

Automated Recommendation Tool (ART) – Design of Experiments via probabilistic predictive modeling

Synthetic biology allows us to bioengineer cells to synthesize novel valuable molecules such as renewable biofuels or anticancer drugs. However, traditional synthetic biology approaches involve ad-hoc engineering practices, which lead to long development times. We present the Automated Recommendation Tool (ART), a tool that leverages machine learning and probabilistic modeling techniques to guide synthetic biology in a systematic fashion, without the need for a full mechanistic understanding of the biological system. ART provides a set of recommendations for the next engineering cycle, alongside probabilistic predictions of their outcomes. It can be used as a python library or through a web-based graphical frontend that does not require coding expertise.

Douglas Densmore

Associate Professor

DAMP Lab: Services, Workflows, and Infrastructure for Remote Synthetic Biology

In this talk I will outline the current state of the “Design, Automation, Manufacturing, and Prototyping” (DAMP) Lab at Boston University. This includes a software infrastructure for the execution of numerous experimental microbiology services, the analysis of the performance of these services, and a direct connection to the physical fabrication of low-cost microfluidics from high-level specifications. I will provide insight into several engagements that the DAMP Lab has been involved in as well as talk about how the DAMP Lab can contribute more to the Global BioFoundry Alliance (GBA) in 2021 and beyond.