Genetic Transformation and Tool Development

Improving transformation efficiency and developing genetic tools for diverse organisms

The ability to genetically modify microorganisms is foundational to performing rational strain engineering, but most organisms are not transformable when first isolated.

At the Agile BioFoundry, we are able to develop initial transformation methodologies and protocols for new organisms or improve upon existing ones. We can further develop high throughput tools for more rapid strain modification in these new organisms, including phage integrase-based genome integration tools for rapid screening of gene expression libraries and CRISPR-based genome editing tools for rapid, targeted gene deletion or gene regulation.

We can also create transposon mutant and overexpression libraries to allow high throughput phenotype screening or selections, and promoter libraries to enable rational selection of gene expression levels for heterologous expression.

The Agile BioFoundry has deep expertise in non-model organisms, including work with extremophilic organisms that thrive at elevated temperature and extreme pH, including both aerobes and strict anaerobes.

We are able to improve transformation efficiency and developed genetic tools for diverse organisms to accelerate rational strain engineering. Development of new microbial platforms or further improving genetic tools in existing platform organisms will provide unique new chassis organisms for advanced bioprocessing to enable a bioeconomy.

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory