Microbioreactor Systems and Sampling Platform

High-throughput systems for biological engineering and process development

The BioLector is a high-throughput cultivation system based on microtiter plates with on-line monitoring of cell density, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and fluorescence. This system is coupled with the RoboLector platform, a liquid handling system, which can be utilized for automated sampling, bolus feeding, and discontinuous pH adjustments.


The BioLector Pro cultivation system uses microtiter plates with microfluidic systems that allow for continuous individual pH and feeding control, in addition to on-line monitoring of cell density, DO, and fluorescence.

BioLector Pro

These cultivation systems can be used for process optimization (e.g. media screening, evaluation of different feeding strategies) and strain screening.

This capability provides access to high-throughput cultivation platforms with automatic liquid handling and sampling systems to ensure data quality and reproducibility. These systems can also provide useful information prior to scaling up cultivations in bioreactors, as the different platforms can monitor and control critical process parameters that are not easily attained in shake flasks.

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