Case Study: Agile BioFoundry Enables Scale-Up of Lygos' Sustainable Bioproduct

A two-year collaboration between the Agile BioFoundry and Lygos resulted in a 20-fold increase in production of bio-based isobutyric acid.

Tags: Biotech, Host Onboarding, Isobutyric Acid, Lygos, Metabolomics, Omics, Pichia Kudriavzevii, Proteomics

Case Study: Machine Learning Opens New Doors in Bioproduct Development

A groundbreaking project is changing Lygos' approach to synthetic biology.

Tags: Lygos, Machine Learning

Agile BioFoundry, Lygos will Generate the Largest Multi-Omics Dataset to Accelerate Machine Learning Capabilities for Organic Acid Development

Scientists will generate more than 500,000 data points to help optimize strain performance, increase operational efficiencies and improve production for malonic acid.

Tags: Berkeley Lab, Lygos, Machine Learning, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories