2019 Industry Day Recap

The Agile BioFoundry (ABF) hosted its 2019 Industry Day on Oct. 4 in Emeryville, CA to showcase the ABF’s accomplishments in its first three years of operation. More than 35 industry representatives and ABF members came together to discuss the ABF’s unique capabilities as well as opportunities and mechanisms to collaborate on joint research efforts. 

“This gave us the opportunity to introduce the ABF to members of industry and academia, including some who had not had the chance to hear about us before,” said Nathan Hillson, ABF PI. 

ABF members presented on a variety of topics, including progress on three projects that demonstrate how ABF’s capabilities can be leveraged to develop different microbial strains for the production of a variety of target molecules. 

The event also involved a discussion of beachhead molecules, which have the potential to be converted into different bioproducts. Industry members provided feedback on how ABF might further define and select beachhead molecules in a way that is useful to industry.

View and download presentations from Industry Day: