DIVA DNA Construction

Efficiently build new DNA constructs and microbial host organisms

Leverage our team’s domain expertise, laboratory automation, methods and workflows to physically fabricate and sequence validate DNA constructs of interest.

Our collaborators can submit DNA designs through DIVA bioCAD software to be constructed and sequence validated via the DIVA DNA Sequence Validation service, following a technical feasibility review and biosecurity screening. This may include sourcing synthetic DNA from commercial vendors.

Adjustments may be needed for a design before it can be constructed. Turnaround time and service capacity may vary depending on the complexity and size of a design, but 6 weeks turn around —including routine synthetic DNA fragment/oligo synthesis and sequence validation — is representative for a typical plasmid.

The Agile BioFoundry offers DNA construction at scales and efficiencies that might not otherwise be accessible. From an opportunity cost perspective, this capability liberates our collaborators to offload DNA construction tasks and dedicate time to those research activities they specialize in and are competitively advantaged.

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory