Agile BioFoundry Selects New Projects to Decarbonize Industries and Accelerate Innovation

The selected projects will contribute to decarbonizing energy-intensive industries and developing sustainable aviation fuels. 

ABF, NSF Select New Projects to Advance the U.S. Bioeconomy

Researchers will collaborate with the ABF to accelerate innovation and develop new biomanufacturing approaches.

2023 Agile BioFoundry Industry Listening Day Recap

The event provided an opportunity for 50+ attendees from industry and academia to provide feedback on ABF’s activities.

Bringing a Sustainable Pesticide to Scale with UC Berkeley

This collaboration will focus on optimizing and engineering a microbial host for dsRNA production and creating a scalable microbial production method. 

Announcing Agile BioFoundry's 2023 Industry Listening Day

Join us to learn more about ABF’s capabilities and opportunities to engage in joint research efforts.

Creating a Sustainable Recombinant Protein Production Platform with Kiverdi

Our collaboration with Kiverdi aims to develop a sustainable, commercially viable platform that produces recombinant proteins at high yields.  

Agile BioFoundry Selects New Projects in Partnership with the MSI STEM Research & Development Consortium

Investigators at minority serving institutions (MSI) will receive funding to conduct research at their parent institutions.

Designing Enzymes that Recycle Plastic with Birch Biosciences

The teams hope this work will advance inexpensive and sustainable recycling of polyethylene terephthalate.

Novel Analytical Workflow Accelerates Biomanufacturing Research

Workflow combines state-of-the-art analytical technologies with a machine learning-based algorithm.

Expanding a Microbe’s Synthetic Biology Toolkit with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Agile BioFoundry and researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln aim to broaden the synthetic biology potential of a non-model microorganism in a new collaboration.