2021 Agile BioFoundry Industry Day Recap

The Agile BioFoundry hosted its virtual 2021 Industry Day on November 19 to showcase its capabilities and opportunities for joint research efforts.

Data-Driven Development of Sustainable Indigo Dye  

The Agile BioFoundry and biotech startup Huue are teaming up to further develop a platform that uses microbes to create indigo dye. 

Agile BioFoundry and ABPDU Join Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Agile BioFoundry and ABPDU are partnering to advance biomanufacturing and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Announcing Agile BioFoundry's 2021 Industry Day

Join us to learn more about the Agile BioFoundry’s capabilities and opportunities to engage in joint research efforts.

Predictive Models to Accelerate Gas Fermentation for Biomanufacturing

Our new collaboration with Industrial Microbes will create predictive models to help scale up gas fermentation processes.

Harnessing the Biomanufacturing Potential of a Non-Model Microorganism

A new collaboration with LanzaTech will target bio-based production of a precursor to rubber.

New Project with TeselaGen Biotechnology to Develop Tools for Optimizing Fermentation with Machine Learning

Our new collaboration will lay the groundwork for deploying machine learning models on community-generated data to accelerate biomanufacturing and commercialization of bioproducts.

Adam Guss: Taming Wild Microbes for the Bioeconomy

Adam Guss discusses his path to science and his research in metabolic engineering in this ORNL feature story.

Agile BioFoundry Selects New Collaborations

Six new projects have been invited to collaborate with our facilities and scientists to conduct important research in biomanufacturing.

Case Study: Agile BioFoundry Enables Scale-Up of Lygos' Sustainable Bioproduct

A two-year collaboration between the Agile BioFoundry and Lygos resulted in a 20-fold increase in production of bio-based isobutyric acid.